Cinematographer / DP



I have a strong experience in both fiction and documentary style cinematography. I try not only to perfect one signature visual style but to learn and adapt every time I jump into a new project.

Adaptation is surely one of my strengths as a cinematographer. I'm not afraid of controlling big setups nor traveling with a minimal doc crew and gear.

I'm currently based in Helsinki, Finland but also working worldwide.

I've filmed over ten documentary series, 5 fiction series and over a hundred commercials wich some have been awarded in finnish award ceremonies such as Voitto Gaala, Vuoden Huiput, Grand One and Effie. I've also cinematographed Kultainen Venla (finnish emmy) awarded documentary series Ina <3 Porno and got best cinematography award in Oulu Music Video Festival 2019 from Jesse Markin - Jericho. Full resume on request.

I'm always looking for new projects and interesting people to collaborate with. Feel free to contact!



Helsinki, Finland